The First Day of…. Everything.

It’s January 1, 2014.  A whole new year.  So, once again, I quit everything bad and began everything good.  I’m ready for a new life.  2013 was to be the year, but it didn’t stick – but I learned a lot.  I’ve gotten really good in the gym and I’m getting stronger every week.

THIS is the year.

Last night I smoked the last cigarette of my life – there it is, in the little red circle.  I’m coughing so much, I can’t wait to be a few weeks into this.






I haven’t drank (but may a little), I ate properly, cleaned, planned out what we will eat for the rest of the week, and shopped for it – WITH COUPONS AND REUSABLE BAGS!  Hahaha.  I ain’t playing around here.

What I couldn’t do was work out.  What the hell kind of gym closes on New Year’s day?  Was going to go for a run, but then realized how much I needed to do.  Ended up running around all day.

Poor Mike, he’s really struggling.


I weighed in at 149 this morning, and took my measurements (in inches):

bust     38.5
waist    31.5 (in) 33 (out)
hips     38 (in) 40 (out)
r thigh  23
l thigh  23.5
r calf   13.5
l calf    13.5
Really tired, but feeling good.  I hope I’m able to sleep tonight!



I haven’t posted in over a month!  What happened?  ALL KINDS OF STUFF.

I got busy with work, but still worked out.  Then I found out my job was saved and I was moved into a new role.  Then I read New Rules Of Weight Lifting for Women, realizing I don’t have the right equipment.

Then I didn’t work out for a week.  Then I had to go to Germany for two weeks.  No working out other than a good run, but my God I walked all over the place.  Crazy walking, stairs, went to France, etc.  Just got home on Friday night.

Now I’m back.  And I’m still not quite in the right time zone, so I’m getting up very early which is OK by me.  Need to do that anyway.

No idea what I weigh but I certainly didn’t gain with all the walking and stair climbing.  However, I haven’t lifted weights in something like three weeks.

Also got a nice bonus, most of which will just get tucked away.  However, I am either going to buy the equipment I need, or make sure my gym has what I need and perhaps get a session with a trainer to ensure I know how to use it.

And in just a bit here, the first serious workout in weeks! 

Oh yeah, have to stop smoking all over again tomorrow.  Asshole.

I Stink Like Farts And Have No Ice Cream.

While it makes for an interesting title, it’s very true.  For years now, I’ve been dying my light brown hair dark reddish brown.  Finally took it out tonight via a whole lot of stinky chemicals – really very sulfury fart smelling.  But the dark red brown is gone.


And I stink.  So I was thinking about looks, and hair, and muscles, and what the fuck it all means for a woman.  I’m not a youngy anymore and I’m really ok with that.  However, I think of myself in one way, then look in the mirror and don’t see it. 

As a odd as it may be, I am 110% comfortable with posting a picture online of myself with no makeup, no haircolor, bad lighting, and a hot-pink sweatshirt.   Of course, nobody knows nor cares who I am so that DOES make it easier.

I just think it’s interesting.  This is a really odd transformational path I’m on.  Still trying to formulate what it means.

Anyway.  Why is it my free day and there is no God Damned ice cream? 

All kids of other things.  But that’s it for now.

(Watch Suzanne run away and hide)

Welcome To The Gun Show

I posted this picture on Facebook and my daughter made me take it down immediately, because we aren’t the Kardashians.

Inspired by a “lift big” thread on a weight loss forum, wherein buff, toned and sexy chicks who lift hard posted their pictures when asked if they were “bulky”, I really lifted hard today.  And then, out of sheer curiosity, I checked out my back in the mirror.

Then I yelled “HOLY SHIT I HAVE MUSCLES” a whole bunch of times and ran around looking for a camera.  It’s not a great picture – you can’t see the definition very well – but it’s there, I promise.  I barely flexed and saw muscle everywhere.

I could totally beat somebody up.  I feel so super awesome!


RHR: Dead or Embalmed?

Surprised, and trying not to laugh.

Surprised, and trying not to laugh.


<—-  Yeah, I was just as surprised.

Trying to learn more about heart rate zones in fitness for maximum fat burning, and realized I needed to take my RHR (Resting Heart Rate) – so, I’ve taken it a couple times in a couple different ways, and it comes to pretty much the same each time – 56.

That’s 56.  FIFTY SIX.

Now, I didn’t think much of that until I went here, and read that this pretty much makes me an “elite athlete.”  Um.

So, either I’m more fit than I thought from working out sporadically over the last few years, or during the past decade of drinking, I’ve gone and embalmed myself.

And I’m really not sure which of the two scenarios is more likely.




Well, this ends the first week (day 7) of NEVER SMOKING AGAIN – I hope I hope – day 7 of being kinder to myself, day 7 of not being a lush, day 1 of gluten free eating, and day 1 of taking Body For Life much more seriously than I did.

I mean really, a whole month and really no weight lost?  What a waste!  Well, not really – I accomplished other things that are even more important.  I’m finally getting a grip on my health and good habits, although I’m sure that will always be a journey.  My career is about to head in a different direction.  All kinds of things are going on.

It feels like something’s…..  shifted.

I think I’ve changed a little.  I think Mike did, too.  He’s become kinder and more loving.  He’s getting healthier with me.  I don’t want to do what I did before, each night.  I want something different.

Now – my plan for February is to make the most out of every day.

Engaged To A Freak Of Nature

Image See THAT?

THAT is Mike’s heart rate monitor.  His very first real workout, and he burned 703 calories in one hour – that’s 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes lifting weights.

That is is just bizarre.  It’s not possible.  I kill myself on the treadmill for 40 minutes today and burn 296 calories.

IT’S NOT FAIR.  Freak.

A Recap Of February, And A Hatred Of Dressing Room Mirrors


So, a recap…  I quit smoking, quit drinking, started working out, started eating healthy.  Then I started drinking, then quit, then smoking, and then drinking again too.  I didn’t work out one week, which would be the week I drank and smoked and quit watching what I was eating so closely…

I lost a couple pounds, maybe a half inch off my waist, and that’s about it.

Now I’m serious, dammit.  While we drank last night (a Friday night) and probably will tonight, too (Saturday night and dinner out with friends), we didn’t drink all week, and we are on day 6 of NEVER SMOKING AGAIN.  So….

Today I decided to go out and find something new to wear tonight.  Even though I know I will loose more weight and don’t need to waste money, I just wanted a new top, something.  And faced with that big long mirror in that tiny little room, I see this:


I know, RIGHT?  Was I deliberately pushing my stomach out or something?  THAT is where the weight is.  That has got to go.  Yeah, ignore the hair; that’s yesterday’s hair recycled for today’s convenience.

But that belly….  Those big honking boobies…  And a boob lift/tummy tuck will run me 18k.  I already checked.

So yeah, now I’m serious.  I think between the treadmill workout which is now getting rather wicked thanks to my heart rate monitor (I am getting stronger!!), and the 30 Day Shred DVD, I’m on track now to kick this shit up a notch.  I also think I’m going to go gluten free beginning tomorrow – there are obviously some digestive issues going on in that belly.  More on that later.

And it looks as if I’ll be going to Germany in about 3 weeks, for one week at least and maybe even a month.  Time to buck up and get serious NOW because God only knows what that’s going to look like.

Time to step it up….

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (OWWWWWWW)

As I needed to include some weight training, yesterday I decided to do my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, workout 1.  Yes, the easiest one – I’ve yet to move beyond it.

I’ve been doing minimal weight training – nearly nothing – and it’s been a while since I’ve done the Shred.  Holy hell.  It ALL hurts right now, and if Mike will ever get out of bed, I can go upstairs and try a yoga DVD, I really need to stretch this all out.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS) occurs during eccentric, or lengthening exercise, as the body’s reaction to prevent muscle damage if the activity is repeated.  It’s been observed that accompanying DOMS are disruptions in the protein chains (myofilaments) that make up muscle fibers and damage to the muscle’s connective tissue.

So basically, under duress, the weaker muscle experiences teeny tiny tares, or ripping, and it knots itself back again, stronger.  Naturally, it’s inflamed during due to the trauma.  That’s my dumbassed translation, anyway.  As awful as DOMS can be, it means I’m getting stronger.  It also means that a lot of energy is going to mending that muscle and feeding it, so my metabolism fires up and I’m burning calories just by sitting here having a sore muscle.  :)