This week’s theme

I decided that I need a weekly goal.  A theme.

I have slipped into the worst habits.  Drinking, smoking, not exercising.   Today’s run kicked my butt!  I also know that I am a total creature of habits, and capable of swapping the bad out for the good; I’ve done it to some extent the last time I really did BFL.  But I always backslid – I need to create habits that last, before I can even consider deeper changes.  The first week is a foundation to try and build upon – don’t they say it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit?  I think I need 21 weeks!

So this week’s them is “Establishing Good Habits” – thinking baby steps here.  🙂  All I want to do this week is:

  1. Get up at a good hour each morning (by 7.30 I hope)
  2. Get on the treadmill for a 20 minute HIIT each morning (if I can fit in lifting this week, great – but right now, I need to get on the treadmill each morning)
  3. Eat clean
  4. Take a vitamin and a Chantix each day
  5. Drink in moderation, if at all
  6. Go to bed at a good hour

So that’s MORE than enough for this week.  That’s just the basics that I need to move forward each week.  Maybe next week’s theme will be repeating the first successfully, lol!  We’ll see.


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