SO tired!

The goal was to get up by 7.30am – instead I got up at 6am.  Pre-alarm went off, I had to go to the bathroom, so oh well – I’m up.  Now it’s 10 after 9 and I think it’s time to go read my cheesy eating clean book (it’s not so good) and go to sleep.

I certainly think I’ll be ok without weights this week – my calves, inner thighs and middle back hurt.  Just from the 20 minute HIIT.  It’s still more walking than running, but I get off it dripping with sweat.  So, again tomorrow morning although as tired as I am, I don’t know if I’ll get up at 6 again!

Food today was good, but my first two meals were not enough.  40 min or so after treadmill, a protein shake (which I love) and most of a banana.  2 hours later I was in the office, and had 6oz of Greek yoghurt.  I was starving an hour later so I had my lunch early.  I think I’ll make meal 2 bigger, and see if that helps.

For now, yawn yawn and yawn, and do it again tomorrow I hope.


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