Today’s goal is fairly simple.

It’s to breath out of both nostrils at the same time.

Worst head cold I’ve had in years!  So, I haven’t worked out since Wednesday, banner week 1!  However, I have been going to bed at a reasonable hour, getting up at a good hour, and eating clean.  So I’ve worked out 4 out of my 6 days of week 1 – that’s not too bad and I know I’ll feel up to doing it tomorrow.

I’d like to be that person who says, “I was bleeding out of my eyeballs and I’m pretty sure my spleen is missing, but dammit I made it to the gym!”  But I’m just not.  I couldn’t.  If getting up and walking to the bathroom wears me out, no matter how fidgety I am, I know working out is a bad idea.

Really haven’t worried about calories – I decided to superfood my way out of this.  Blueberries, home made chicken noodle soup (which I have been guzzling every few hours), the works.  I’m actually starting to feel better.

I’m still going to count this week, and tomorrow begins week 2.  Not sure how I’ll work out as we are at the cabin, but I’ll figure something out.


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