What to eat when you are very, very sick

Despite having what I’m pretty sure was the bubonic plague, on Thursday I managed to crawl to the grocery to forage for sick supplies – tissues, sudafed, and superfood.

I found this recipe for crock pot chicken:  http://www.food.com/recipe/whole-chicken-crock-pot-recipe-33671 – easy and yummy.  The chicken is coated in spices (like red pepper!  Good to clear you out!) and cooked on low all damned day.

Then I sauteed some garlic, mushrooms and onion (more good stuff) in a bit of Pam in my stockpot.  Added a bunch of fat-free broth, celery, carrots, etc, some whole wheat noodles and then diced up my chicken, and added ALL the fat and broth to my stew.

The result is a spicy, wonderful soup fulla good stuff and tender chicken, and it’s what I’ve been surviving off of (along with blueberries) for days now.  I swear, it’s healed me!


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