Week 2, day 2: Don’t Get Sick.

That’s this week’s theme – Don’t Get Sick.

Or rather, get better.  Continue with the good habits from last week, and begin to lift weights.

It was really hard to NOT scrap last week and call THIS week 1.  However, I did work last week, even though I got sick and missed four days of working out.  I did good things for myself, and hell – you can’t just scrap whatever didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped it would.  You have to take what you learned from it, keep the work you did, and keep going.

I forgot about two more good things I did last week.  I know I need to avoid artificial sugars, and I normally have two Splenda in my coffee.  I’m now only using one, and as a result, am not drinking as much coffee – I’ll either quit drinking coffee eventually, or get used to it and par it down to black coffee.

I’ve also begun using proper reusable grocery bags (most trips; I’ve forgotten a couple times) instead of plastic.  I’m forever at the grocery store, so I can probably save a nation’s climate or something in a year’s time.

Finally got back on the treadmill this morning, but knew in the first couple minutes that I’m still not back to 100%; felt a little light headed.  Made it through though although I walked the last two minutes as I suddenly felt a little nauseous.

Big believer here in listening to your body.  Tonight, it wanted pizza, so I gave it some – a whole wheat mini pita with tomato sauce, lower fat cheese, turkey pepperoni and lots of veggies.  Not the healthiest thing, but it was a pizza to me.  I grow tired of chicken noodle soup, and just wanted something a little “junky”.

Tonight I’m packing a gym bag for the morning – I’d really like to go to the gym before heading off to the office.  Hoping I feel up to it; really miss lifting weights.


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