Well, an interesting week…

I went to the gym, backslid just a bit on a few good habits (as it turns out, Wednesday was my free day for eating, and yesterday for working out, so looks like tomorrow I don’t get no free day), killed it on today’s workout.

Oh yeah, we had an earthquake and a hurricane too.  The earthquake was terrifying!  Never experienced that before.  The hurricane actually comes tomorrow – any luck, it will downgrade past the 2 it’s now at.

So I roll into week 3 on Sunday with no real weight lost, no change in measurements.  I was pounding away on my treadmill this morning, and thinking to myself, “Do I really want this?  Or am I just going to fuck around with it and give up with no results?”

I really want this, so I upped the workout, both in time and intensity.  Next week’s theme will be, “Make it count” and I’m going to focus on continued good habits,  working out harder, and ensuring proper nutrition.  I eat pretty well, but I don’t think I always get exactly what I’m supposed to be getting.


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