Week 3, Day 1: Make it count.

That’s it – make it count.  Don’t mess around, don’t fiddle, just DO THE DAMNED THING.  That’s what I decided while on my treadmill on Friday.  I’m slowly building a few good habits, and I know what I need to do to continue that and gain more.

That’s pretty good, right?

Now I’m ready to see changes in my body.  Two weeks done, and I’m pleased with what I’m learning, and I’m ready to see more than a pound or two just fluctuating around and teasing me.  Bastard pounds.

I won’t be buying anymore wine, every workout will count, every meal will count.  I will push.  I’ll be more active in educating myself, and on forums with others doing the same.

I’m pretty sure my gym is open today; we didn’t loose power or anything after our wee little hurricane, but I should call to check.  Need to go soon here!  I’ll tidy my house today, and try to learn more about nutrition.  I could really tighten up my meals.

Went to the neighbor’s hurricane party last night, and had a lot of fun, but very glad I took it easy (despite the fact that my neighbor pours pints of wine instead of glasses of wine – thank goodness it was cheap wine!), as I feel pretty good this morning.

So, week 3, make it count, or why bother?


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