An entire week of ME!

Tomorrow begins week 5.  Mike will be gone Monday through Friday, so that means I can be all about ME next alweek.  Don’t have to worry about two dinners, or being interrupted in the middle of my workout, or have my tuna wrap sneered at (“How can you eat THAT?”).

I’m going to continue my theme of EVERY DAY next week, only it’s going to be EVERY DAMNED DAY.  Dammit.

I missed some workouts last week, and I got to thinking this morning about the Body For Life process.  For me, at least, it really does take the emotional and intellectual connection.

I have to spend time learning about my body, interacting with others, truly sinking myself into the process.  It’s not an “Oh don’t forget to work out thing”, it’s a daily effort to study nutrition and exercise physiology, to connect with others, to try new things.  To blog each day.

Today’s my free day, but I have to do something today.  We are at the cabin.    Thought I’d left some pilates DVDs up here, but boo – guess not.  (what the hell did I do with them???) so what I’ve got is a beginner’s Yoga DVD – have always wanted to start – a road that goes STRAIGHT DOWN the freaking mountain, and an entire yard on the side of a mountain that needs constant maintenance.

I think that sets my day up.  Even though I’d really like to just sit out on my deck and read all day.  😉


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