Bag of spinach big as your head.

Ever go to a Costco or whatever, and see a GINORMOUS bad of spinach, like big as your head?  And you think to yourself, “Self, what in the name of hell would I ever do with that?”

This is what you do.

See, spinach is really good stuff.  It’s Popeye food.  Too good to go into here, but loaded with antioxidants, iron, lutein……..  Oh you just can’t eat enough spinach.  Really, you can’t.  Your body will burn more calories digesting this super awesome food than the food actually contains.

So anyway.  What you do is, take a couple cloves of garlic.   Dice them up teensy tiny.  Put a tablespoon of olive oil into a fry pan, heat it up on medium, then throw in the garlic and stir it around for a minute – it will start to smell really nice.

Then you toss in AS MUCH SPINACH AS YOUR FRY PAN CAN HOLD.  Give it a minute, then toss it.  Give it another minute, toss it again.  Keep going, until it’s wilted down to nothing.  Put it in a bowl, then put more spinach in and do it all over again.  You can spray some olive oil on it if you need to to keep it going.   Toss on some sea salt, and voila.   Superfood side dish!  Reheatable!

This is really an amazing process, watching all that spinach cook it down to nothing, to just a couple tablespoons of food.  Sometimes I do it just for fun.

Here’s what it looks like at first – that’s a whole butt load of spinach right here, is what it is:

Stir stir stir, it looks like this after a minute:

Now it’s almost done:

See?  OMG IT’S A MIRACLE!  How fun is this???

And you can eat it.


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