Starting week 7 with a blown out knee and a sunset

Well, self, I didn’t post at all last week, but I did get some good workouts in.  The tape measure hasn’t shown any progress over the last few weeks.

I’ll just keep going best I can – day before yesterday, I realized I’m too small for a couple pairs of pants I bought months back, and fit then.  They kept sliding down my hips.  So I have to keep going.

Except I blew my right knee out yesterday going up and down the hill here at the cabin while helping Mike build the fence.  Went for 4 hours, then the knee said NO.  Now I’m in a support brace, and will need to rest it for a few days – no cardio.  Crap.  Hoping I can at least do the incumbent bike at the gym tomorrow; we’ll see.

And now, here’s a sunset, the view from our cabin Friday night as the clouds rolled in low over the valley:


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