Hello, I am your Chicken Shoarma.

I love middle eastern foods.  I do, I love it.  I had my first proper shoarma in Amsterdam a billion years ago and I was hooked.  A shoarma is a bunch of roasted meats on a spit, lovingly carved into a flat bread and covered with veggies, peppers, and tahini sauce.  What goes on it really depends on where you are and who makes it.  And yeah, don’t let the guy at the Greek restaurant tell you a gyro is a shoarma, because it’s not.  The sauces are different.


So my little shoarma there is really not a shoarma either.  I think a shoarma is a mixture of beef and lamb, and if it’s chicken, the sauce is different and it’s called a shish-ta-ouk.  God only knows how the seasoning differs.

Whatever, this is good.  I could probably cut down the fat content a bit but I don’t want to yet, this is too yummy.  The recipe is this:  http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/chicken-shawarma-10000001816368/

Basically what we have here is some chicken marinated in a bit of olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings, placed on a salad of green leaf lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, tomato and fat-free feta cheese.  I drizzle a tiny bit of good seasonings salad dressing, made with apple cider vinegar and a bit of olive oil.

That little plop of creamy goodness on top is Tahini sauce!!  OMG I love it.  I make mine with fat-free Greek yoghurt, 2 cloves of finely minced garlic, a good tablespoon or two of lemon juice and two heaping spoonfulls of Tahini paste, which is a paste made of sesame seeds.  Don’t let the fat content throw you –  Tahini paste if full of goodness.  Not only does it pack calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B, but most of the fat is Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is brain food.

And that’s my justification, right there.

You can find Tahini paste in most any grocery – in mine, it’s in the International aisle and called Tahene, and is imported from Israel.  It’s not cheap but seems to last for a long while.  If cultures that are thousands of years old like Tahini, it’s good enough for me.

I like to stir it all up and cram as much as I can into that little half a whole-wheat pita. What’s not to love?  You got your spinach, your chicken, your Greek yoghurt, your whole wheat pita, and your Tahini!

While I don’t think any PR firm is going to tell me to quit my day job to do food styling, I think this looks pretty damned good.  So glad I bought nice plates.



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