Week 1, Day 1 (I’m starting BFL again)

Yes, AGAIN.  I never manage to finish one….  Got what, 7 weeks in last fall until I blew my knees out trying to build a fence on the side of a mountain.

The waist of my jeans tells me I need another go.  I look like I’m six month pregnant; my wine baby is back.  And really, I just want to feel healthy again.  I feel so good when I’m working out regularly, and eating right!

So I did the treadmill today, the 20 min HIIT.  I did something right, because my thighs are all quivery and I’m fucking hungry all day.

Oh yeah, I intend on cussing when I want to.  This is my blog, nobody reads it, and I think as a personal bad habit we can worry about toning the language down once we covered other personal bad habits.

A few things I know about me and working out, having known and dealt with me for so long:

  • Treadmill has to happen every day.  If I skip one day, odds are I’ll skip the next….
  • If it’s not done in the morning, after a few cups of coffee, odds are it ain’t gonna happen
  • I have the most energy in the morning and hate working out later in the day – just no energy
  • Lifting weights makes me feel all badass.

So back on the ‘mill tomorrow, and an upper body workout.  Which is going to hurt like a mofo but I’m ready.

Oh, as extra incentive, we may be going to Hawaii in August and I’d really love to go feeling good and not worrying about people trying to roll me back into the sea.

I’ll just work out at home for a while before I worry about rejoining the gym.  Let’s hope I make it past day 4 this time, and not hurt myself.  *clink*

The world’s ugliest home gym:


This is where the magic happens, baby!




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