76 Days.

I have 76 days to prepare for a vacation to Puerto Rico.

So I worked out today.  On purpose.

It’s yet another day 1, with a specific countdown.  Today I weigh 151 pounds (and I’m 5’4), 125 pounds is a good healthy weight for me.

I’d really like to do this, to get healthy again, and just blog along to help me track myself.  Thought about a new blog, thought about making this one private, thought about erasing all previous entries.  Yes, I hate accountability, even when it’s just to myself.  Nobody reads this shit anyway.

But I worked out today.  A 30 min run/walk around the trails in my neighborhood, with honestly more walking than running but I think I did pretty well, then a very simple, gentle free-weight upper body to remind my muscles that they still exist and I plan on using them.

More later, it’s a beautiful day and Mike is at me to go to Lowes with him.  Joy.


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