January 1, 2013 – It’s A Whole New Year!!

Whew!  It was all I could do not to go to bed at 10pm.  Mike made me promise to stay up with him.  It was the wine – makes me so sleepy, as does being up here at the cabin.  But I made it; we “rang in” the New Year cuddled on the sofa watching Long Way Down.  We normally don’t cuddle on the sofa up here, I take the sofa and Mike takes the love seat, but he specifically moved to the sofa to cuddle me as the New Year rang in.

Got up this morning and emptied the nasty ashtrays – ugh.  Take a deep breath *cough cough*.

I love the New Year.  Everything feels so squeaky clean.  I know it’s silly; Mike says, every day is the beginning of a whole new year.  I’m really hoping he can get on board with a change in lifestyle.  Kind of told him I needed him to.

Oh yeah, we are returning to Vieques in April.  :)   Mr. Moneybags booked the flights for Christmas, including flights from San Juan to the island (as opposed to an hour drive to the ferry terminal, then an hour’s ferry ride), and is renting a small house for us.  That’s motivation to get healthy and fit!  (um, again)

Just went over my bank statement online and my budget, which I never follow but will try harder to this year.

I’ve signed into quitnet.com – two years ago, I quit smoking (lasted about two weeks) and I registered there.  So when I logged in today, I saw that had I not started smoking again, in those two years, I would have added something like 6 years to my lifespan and saved almost $7,000.  Sigh.  Oh well, today’s the day.  I’m ok at the moment, but tonight will be tough.

Have also begun a menu plan for the week so I can go shopping when we get home.

Can’t really work out up here, so the working out portion of my life will have to start tomorrow.  I don’t have much healthy to eat up here, either.  Maybe will scramble some eggs or something.  We go home this afternoon and I’m ready to get home!

But I feel good; I feel dorkily excited.  If I were at home, I’d tog up and run around the trails grinning like an idiot.


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