Day 3 – Still Feeling Amazing! (and nobody’s dead yet)

Still feeling great.  A few cravings here and there but easily enough ignored.  30 years of smoking, 10 years of drinking nightly.  Done.

I don’t seem to mind running in the cold, as long as it’s 32f and up and there’s no strong wind.  I seem to enjoy it more outside than in my treadmill – outside, I’m GOING SOMEWHERE.  Inside, I can’t wait to get off the damned thing.  Starting to figure out the heart rate monitor – once I really get the hang of it, I think it will help a good deal.  I need to find out how to determine how long to stay in what heart rate for maximum calorie burn.

Did an easier run than yesterday, today was 20 minutes, so that I could do an upper body workout with my free weights.  An easy one; just to remind my upper body that it has muscles in it.  Took CLA and glutamine after, and I’m already a little sore.  Tomorrow will do a killer run; supposed to warm up Thank GOD.

Food’s good but after the weights I’ve been hungry all day.  Time to amp up the times of day I eat.

I slept much better last night – still coughing, it’s a tiny bit better so I guess little by little.

House is a lot cleaner, too.  Amazing what you can do when you aren’t sitting around smoking, drinking wine and arguing with people on online message boards!

I need to do two things now:  Start my self-study in my job field as I may be on the job hunt in another month or two, and begin looking for opportunities to volunteer in my community and hopefully find some new social opportunities, too.


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