January 4 – Learning To Live Like Normal Folk

Busy day!  I got so much done.  Work out, work work, self study, cleaning…

My “office” is going to need a hard truth and some guts.  I need to throw a BUNCH of stuff out.  I just can’t keep everything my mother has given me or my kids have saved.  Perhaps next week I can begin.  All those old pictures.  What to do with them??

Anyway, really good workout – I’m loving the heart rate monitor.  Over 14 minutes of my 30 minute run were spent in zone 3!  That’s a good thing.

We went out to dinner, and I’m proud of myself.  Great little Italian place.  Not only did I avoid the good cheesy dishes I love, opting instead for a wonderful salad, then salmon in a light garlic sauce with broccoli, BUT I had one glass of wine.  And I didn’t finish it.

Came home, had a coffee, and it’s been water all night.  And it’s Friday!  I guess after time I’ll remember how to do this.  Life didn’t used to be about drinking wine all night, but of course I had young children.  It’s getting late now, I’m normal tired, and I might treat myself to a vodka drink while I read in bed.  Maybe.  The body burns alcohol for fuel first, and tomorrow is 20 minutes of cardio and a lower body workout.



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