Week One Down!

A whole week! I can’t believe it. No tobacco, not much alcohol, plenty of healthy food and working out.

Pretty good weekend – killer workout Saturday morning, a good cardio then a lower body I’m still a little sore from. Then off to my mother’s. Had a good bit of wine, but that’s kind of necessary. Was supposed to be my free day, two small pieces of really crappy pizza. Damnit! I LOVE PIZZA, so I splurge, and it wasn’t a good pizza. Shit.

Anyway, things to do this week – get up early. I meant to this morning, but I’m just not quite going to bed early enough (SO sleepy, nice real normal sleep), so I slept in till nearly 9.30am – then the rest of my day is really hectic trying to do everything I need to. I did do a good cardio, 30 minutes. No time for anything else.

Next, take pictures! Anything, who cares what. Eventually I’m going to run out of old vacation pictures, and I’m not doing a very good job at documenting this whole thing. I think all day about what I want to write, and then by the time I sit down to do it, all I can come up with are a few paragraphs. “Feeling good! Worked out!  Busy!” blah blah blah.  I’m boring the shit out of myself.

Todo: Make time to listen to this: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2013-01-07/dr-robert-lustig-fat-chance-beating-odds-against-sugar-processed-food-obesity-and-d

Somewhere in Hawaii

Somewhere in Hawaii


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