The Next Second Day

LOL.  Yesterday was the day of No Vices.  The second, second, day of No Vices this year.  I didn’t work out, didn’t really cook or clean, I just focused on not smoking and not hurting anyone in the process.

Didn’t sleep great, but that’s to be expected.  I’m so very tired today but tonight will be better.  I coughed all night, eventually having to get up for a cough drop (SO STUPID!!), and without a glass or two of wine, my body just wasn’t quite sure of how to go to sleep.

My other half did great (though he slept horribly too) and I’m so proud of him!!  

I’m having a few cups of coffee here to muster up the energy to do some type of workout.  It’s a gorgeous day, and I don’t have much work to do.  This afternoon I hopefully hear the details of my new role – I will be glad when it’s more “official” and nailed down.

If things happen the way I think they might, I will be extremely busy very soon, so I need to get the good habits going here.


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