Moving Fast Yet Slowly


Yesterday. Bad. Very bad news about a member of Mike’s family, and I later thought to myself, “He won’t be able to do this without cigarettes.”

Like that scene in a movie where you accidentally cut your finger and the hidden vampire appears, swooning over the thought of blood, there I was – all ready to quit quitting and swoop in on his sorrow. So, not very proud of that. But very, very proud of Mike – he’s been the strong one in avoiding vices. Tomorrow is day 5 of no tobacco, no alcohol.

It’s been a little easier today; from what I’ve read this time frame is the hardest, when cravings are at their worst. I’m fine without the booze, it’s the cigarettes I want. Even though the cough is just beginning to heal. I’m working my way through the sugar free gums and hard candies, and picked up some low fat salty snacks yesterday as that seemed to be all that was standing between me and a pack of Mistys.

I’ll toss the low fat salty frankenfoods as soon as it’s safe to do so.

I’m kicking ass on the treadmill, but I must lift weights tomorrow. Has to happen.

Oh and Mike has ordered himself a heart rate monitor, too! Says he’s ready to work out now, is going to show me how it’s done…. Mmmmmhmmmmm…..

Can this be it? Have we turned a corner towards health and away from deadly habits? Can we learn a new normal together?


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