A Recap Of February, And A Hatred Of Dressing Room Mirrors

So, a recap…  I quit smoking, quit drinking, started working out, started eating healthy.  Then I started drinking, then quit, then smoking, and then drinking again too.  I didn’t work out one week, which would be the week I drank and smoked and quit watching what I was eating so closely…

I lost a couple pounds, maybe a half inch off my waist, and that’s about it.

Now I’m serious, dammit.  While we drank last night (a Friday night) and probably will tonight, too (Saturday night and dinner out with friends), we didn’t drink all week, and we are on day 6 of NEVER SMOKING AGAIN.  So….

Today I decided to go out and find something new to wear tonight.  Even though I know I will loose more weight and don’t need to waste money, I just wanted a new top, something.  And faced with that big long mirror in that tiny little room, I see this:


I know, RIGHT?  Was I deliberately pushing my stomach out or something?  THAT is where the weight is.  That has got to go.  Yeah, ignore the hair; that’s yesterday’s hair recycled for today’s convenience.

But that belly….  Those big honking boobies…  And a boob lift/tummy tuck will run me 18k.  I already checked.

So yeah, now I’m serious.  I think between the treadmill workout which is now getting rather wicked thanks to my heart rate monitor (I am getting stronger!!), and the 30 Day Shred DVD, I’m on track now to kick this shit up a notch.  I also think I’m going to go gluten free beginning tomorrow – there are obviously some digestive issues going on in that belly.  More on that later.

And it looks as if I’ll be going to Germany in about 3 weeks, for one week at least and maybe even a month.  Time to buck up and get serious NOW because God only knows what that’s going to look like.

Time to step it up….


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