Well, this ends the first week (day 7) of NEVER SMOKING AGAIN – I hope I hope – day 7 of being kinder to myself, day 7 of not being a lush, day 1 of gluten free eating, and day 1 of taking Body For Life much more seriously than I did.

I mean really, a whole month and really no weight lost?  What a waste!  Well, not really – I accomplished other things that are even more important.  I’m finally getting a grip on my health and good habits, although I’m sure that will always be a journey.  My career is about to head in a different direction.  All kinds of things are going on.

It feels like something’s…..  shifted.

I think I’ve changed a little.  I think Mike did, too.  He’s become kinder and more loving.  He’s getting healthier with me.  I don’t want to do what I did before, each night.  I want something different.

Now – my plan for February is to make the most out of every day.


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