Welcome To The Gun Show

I posted this picture on Facebook and my daughter made me take it down immediately, because we aren’t the Kardashians.

Inspired by a “lift big” thread on a weight loss forum, wherein buff, toned and sexy chicks who lift hard posted their pictures when asked if they were “bulky”, I really lifted hard today.  And then, out of sheer curiosity, I checked out my back in the mirror.

Then I yelled “HOLY SHIT I HAVE MUSCLES” a whole bunch of times and ran around looking for a camera.  It’s not a great picture – you can’t see the definition very well – but it’s there, I promise.  I barely flexed and saw muscle everywhere.

I could totally beat somebody up.  I feel so super awesome!



One thought on “Welcome To The Gun Show

  1. You Look Amazing! The first time I saw my own muscles was on my back too, and it sounds like you did just what I did. I say post the pic, post tonnes of pics, be proud of your accomplishments – CELEBRATE!

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