I Stink Like Farts And Have No Ice Cream.

While it makes for an interesting title, it’s very true.  For years now, I’ve been dying my light brown hair dark reddish brown.  Finally took it out tonight via a whole lot of stinky chemicals – really very sulfury fart smelling.  But the dark red brown is gone.


And I stink.  So I was thinking about looks, and hair, and muscles, and what the fuck it all means for a woman.  I’m not a youngy anymore and I’m really ok with that.  However, I think of myself in one way, then look in the mirror and don’t see it. 

As a odd as it may be, I am 110% comfortable with posting a picture online of myself with no makeup, no haircolor, bad lighting, and a hot-pink sweatshirt.   Of course, nobody knows nor cares who I am so that DOES make it easier.

I just think it’s interesting.  This is a really odd transformational path I’m on.  Still trying to formulate what it means.

Anyway.  Why is it my free day and there is no God Damned ice cream? 

All kids of other things.  But that’s it for now.

(Watch Suzanne run away and hide)


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