I haven’t posted in over a month!  What happened?  ALL KINDS OF STUFF.

I got busy with work, but still worked out.  Then I found out my job was saved and I was moved into a new role.  Then I read New Rules Of Weight Lifting for Women, realizing I don’t have the right equipment.

Then I didn’t work out for a week.  Then I had to go to Germany for two weeks.  No working out other than a good run, but my God I walked all over the place.  Crazy walking, stairs, went to France, etc.  Just got home on Friday night.

Now I’m back.  And I’m still not quite in the right time zone, so I’m getting up very early which is OK by me.  Need to do that anyway.

No idea what I weigh but I certainly didn’t gain with all the walking and stair climbing.  However, I haven’t lifted weights in something like three weeks.

Also got a nice bonus, most of which will just get tucked away.  However, I am either going to buy the equipment I need, or make sure my gym has what I need and perhaps get a session with a trainer to ensure I know how to use it.

And in just a bit here, the first serious workout in weeks! 

Oh yeah, have to stop smoking all over again tomorrow.  Asshole.


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