The First Day of…. Everything.

It’s January 1, 2014.  A whole new year.  So, once again, I quit everything bad and began everything good.  I’m ready for a new life.  2013 was to be the year, but it didn’t stick – but I learned a lot.  I’ve gotten really good in the gym and I’m getting stronger every week.

THIS is the year.

Last night I smoked the last cigarette of my life – there it is, in the little red circle.  I’m coughing so much, I can’t wait to be a few weeks into this.






I haven’t drank (but may a little), I ate properly, cleaned, planned out what we will eat for the rest of the week, and shopped for it – WITH COUPONS AND REUSABLE BAGS!  Hahaha.  I ain’t playing around here.

What I couldn’t do was work out.  What the hell kind of gym closes on New Year’s day?  Was going to go for a run, but then realized how much I needed to do.  Ended up running around all day.

Poor Mike, he’s really struggling.


I weighed in at 149 this morning, and took my measurements (in inches):

bust     38.5
waist    31.5 (in) 33 (out)
hips     38 (in) 40 (out)
r thigh  23
l thigh  23.5
r calf   13.5
l calf    13.5
Really tired, but feeling good.  I hope I’m able to sleep tonight!

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