Puffy Old Drunk Is Not My Look

I’m back.  I need to start blogging again because, dammit, I like it and it’s good for me.

So, here’s the haps:  

  • Still a non-smoker.  Too weird, I could smoke a cigarette a mile long, right now, but I won’t.  
  • Gained a little over 10lbs.  
  • Still work out most weeks, lifting heavy a couple times a week, got nice definition in arms, legs, back.
  • I look 6 months pregnant, though.  And I seem to have gained weight in….  my neck?  
  • Still drinking alcohol – usually not too much.  Yet today my face just seems puffy.

This is not the face of optimal health:

Now, I’m no young thing anymore and that’s ok.  I’m…  how the fuck old am I, anyway?  46?  Something like that.  I’m incredibly proud of quitting smoking (NEVER thought that would happen), learning more about health and nutrition, and working out.  But I gots to gets this weight off me.

I weigh 162.4lbs as of this morning.  I’m only 5’3.  Yes, I have a LOT of muscle. But I’ve regained the belly I’d lost.  Time to get that mess off.

Bout to go to the gym.  No more 4th meal at night.  Easy/no booze.  And blog.

Love, me.  (love me)


One thought on “Puffy Old Drunk Is Not My Look

  1. sounds like you are doing amazing! Quitting smoking is the equivilant of quitting the semi-socially-acceptable-heroin. And harder.. 46 is’nt old. You still have more than half you’re life. Love yourself, but I love ya anyways. Keep up the good work.

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