Being Healthy Is Exhausting

Day three here and going strong.  I rarely make it to day three…

Anyway, I’m pooped and my body is super confused.  Where’s the Tyson’s Buffalo Strips?  Where’s the Taco Bell?  Where’s the Reuben sandwiches?  WHERE’S THE FREAKING VODKA?

Not here, body.  But don’t worry; there’s still probably a glass or two of wine floating around in there waiting for it’s turn to be digested.

I’ve been eating incredibly clean.  So clean that I won’t make any “sneaky foods” like cauliflower tots or anything – just straight up salads, sandwiches, oatmeal, etc.  All squeaky clean.  So clean, in fact, that I’ve had sometimes large calorie deficits each day.  I haven’t gone over 1,200 yet.

Poor myfitnesspal thinks I’m going to starve.  I don’t think I’m in any danger of starving yet, a boy scout troup could eat for a week off this if we were in a plane crash over the Andes and I died and they all made a pact to stay alive no matter what.



Anyway, I’ve never bought into the whole “starvation mode” thing.  And I don’t plan to eat like this very long at all.  I’ve never quite trusted my calculated TDEE, even though when I repeatedly recalculate it, it always looks right.  Also, I added a HIIT cardio back into my life and that, along with heavy lifting, will stoke the fires – won’t be able to eat like this for long at all.

So far – in this WHOLE THREE DAYS – I’ve either lifted weights or done a HIIT cardio each day.  Not sure if I’ll be able to do anything tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m pooped.  I’m exhausted.  I was asleep by 11 last night, and meant to get up at 7 today but slept till 9 – and could have slept more.  Now it’s 9.30pm and it’s time for bed.

I know this is going to take a long time.  I hope I stick with it.

Love, me.


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