Robin Williams died today.

Apparently a suicide, after suffering from severe depression and alcoholism.

Alcoholism and depression feed each other in a vicious circle – you self medicate to ease the pain and bring some forget, but you make bad decisions that depress you more, so you self medicate…  and on and on.

It’s hard to imagine him feeling so depressed, in such pain.  Loved, talented, successful.

All day I’ve been thinking of how much positive I need in my life, and it makes me think of conversations friends and I have had about depression – half the battle is the little mind-game of recognizing the thought patterns that can drag you down, and to avoid them.  To consciously avoid the negative and focus on the positive.

It’s what I’ve been doing all day, and I feel so good about it.

But I’ll miss Robin Williams.  I feel grief that a man with such a beautiful, delightful gift felt so much pain he killed himself and left his wife and children without him.



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