Me and yoga are in a fight.

My gym membership expired last week, and I hadn’t worked out in three weeks.  So pretty out of shape!  My gym is expensive; it’s a university facility so while it’s pretty nice, it’s not cheap.  And the weight room can get a little crowded with student meat heads.

So I checked out a much less expensive, smaller, closer gym – no squat rack.  Oh well; guess I need to go renew my membership.  For now, I decided to try a few new things – like yoga!  I thought I was pretty bendy, turns out not so much.  I like it – a new challenge.  Strength training is so important, but I think I’ll combine it with beginners yoga and the occasional cardio when it’s nice.

I’m sore though, in places I didn’t know existed.

Went for a run this morning – such a pretty morning, felt good.  Look at the weight on my face!  



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