Gin and ice cream.

No, not together.  But both still nice.  

I’ve lost 2 pounds.  Of course, I weigh myself obsessively while telling everyone what a bad thing that is to do, and I had gin (and ice cream, but again, not together) last night and woke up feeling like a bear pooped in my mouth, so I could easily wake up tomorrow and be the same weight I was yesterday.

Or not.  I count my calories like a crazy lady, and I’ve been MOVING every day.  Maybe not weights, maybe not the gym, but moving.  Yoga, mowing the lawn, running, doing squats in the kitchen – just moving.  So eventually, something’s got to give.  And if it doesn’t, ok.  I’ll still be healthier than I was yesterday.

everydayBeen thinking about that (^^^) a lot lately.  Been thinking about being positive, giving back, doing a lot more with my life than what I’ve been doing.  I see what makes people happy and what makes them unhappy and miserable to be around.

One thing I’m doing a whole lot less of is wasting time on internet message boards arguing and/or insulting idiots.  It’s a fantastic way to blow a whole lot of time – except it’s not.  I’ve learned to be a better debater, I’ve learned how to research things, I’ve learned more about the world around me.  And I’ve learned that there are some truly stupid, mean people in this world and I’ve learned about all they can teach me.

I’m also becoming much more active – I don’t want to sit around all night.  Last night, I went and bugged the neighbors – hence the slight hangover.  M wouldn’t come.  I don’t mind the hangover too badly, because I can’t just sit inside this house 24/7.

Now.  40 ounces of water down (SO dehydrated!), 3 ibuprofen and 1 very strong cup of detox tea – I think I’m ready to start my day.

Today I will better myself by cleaning the shit out of this house, continuing to eat healthy, not drink a bunch of gin, and do some kind of exercise.  

Love, me.



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