New Moons, getting older, making changes, and my fat ass.


I am not into astrology and can barely remember that it’s not astronomy.  But it seems that tomorrow marks the “new moon in Virgo” and as my crunchy hippy daughter shared a link about it on Facebook (and that’s how I know!), I read it and wowie got excited.

So here’s a snipped from – 

NEW MOON in Virgo is here and the energy in the air is about healing and rewiring our old programming with mindful awareness, self-love and forgiveness.


The New Moon of Virgo is a time to start fresh and write out a new plan for the next 6 months. It is a time to look inward and cleanse ourselves of our negative traits and to go out renewed in our actions to cleanse the world. 

Seriously.  So it seems the stars are all aligned up to bang on each other, confuse the shit out of me, and I’m supposed to go with it and reprogram my life – after the 25th, the door swings open and everything aligns for us if we do the work.  And a whole bunch of other stuff.  

Okey dokey!

It’s a rather amusing concept as I look around at my (again) messy house.  M and I stayed up till nearly 2am talking.  It was so good – he’s struggled so much this year, and the loss of our dog (HIS dog) just pushed him too far.  We talked about how we want to live our lives, where we want to live our lives, all of it.  And as always, he loves me so much.  He’s so appreciative that I’ve been able to be patient with him as he navigates these waters.

I think one thing that we agree on is that where we are right now isn’t where we want to be.  We don’t care for the area, the house, the way we both work from home (nice as it is), etc.  And if my daughter bravely moving off to Korea has showed us anything, it’s that we crave a new adventure.

Now, M is still in bed and he’ll wake up exactly the same as he did yesterday.  I don’t.  I look around and begin planning.

These last 2 weeks have been all about change – and about being ok with it when I can’t affect change immediately, when I fail a little.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 3rd week of this change, and I feel renewed.  I must get this house clean.  Get to the gym.  Run my errands.  Prepare for my work week and begin planning how to renew myself at work – to study harder, to not waste time, so that good things will happen in my career.  Continue to be financially responsible.  And do the things I used to love, like painting or drawing, or find new things…  Be more social.


Scale shows a small weight loss, just a couple pounds, tape measure confirms I’m just a little smaller.  But everything else has slid into a hot mess – well, shows the ability to, anyway.  So I think I’ll take my New Moon in Virgo, thanks.

Something else that has been weighing on my mind is aging, of course.  Then I found some amazing pictures that also revived me – 

grey1  Seeing pictures of such beautiful mature women made me feel better and hammered home the fact that we are youth obsessed, and my youth is gone.  But not my beauty, and not what makes me interesting.  I’ve been a BORE for the last 10 years.  

So, again, NEW MOON IN VIRGO bring it!!




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