I haven’t posted in ages – but, oddly enough, not because I wasn’t doing all the things I said I wanted to do.

It was because I was actually doing those things.  (Well, most of them!)  To date, I have lost the weight, plus a few – around twenty pounds total – that I gained when I quit smoking for the last New Year.  I have begun running, eating pretty cleanly most of the time, pretty much gave up wine (replaced it with gin, but STILL), got more conscientious about work/study, and began volunteering.

And my ass is whooped.

So a whole new year is coming, and I do love me a good New Year.  Nice and clean.  I have lots of things I want and need to commit to, now that I know I can.  Was trying to decide if I wanted to blog or not – but you know?  Fuck it.  Nobody reads it but me, so I will.  Carefully, naturally, but I like to read what I’ve written.

I’ll try to be diligent about it, diligence being my watch-word and all…




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